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Made in Earth ~ Activated by Source




If you are here you are in need of some healing and you are not alone.  We are all here to learn, to heal and to reconnect with the divine universal energy so we can come together as one. My healing journey has led me to working with and understanding which has brought more love, light, grace and gratitude into my life.  And now my life path is to help others do the same.  What we resist, persists, making life seem hard and a constant struggle.   Accepting what is and working with positive energy allows the space for massive shifts to take place.  As your raise your energy vibration, the old lower energies fall away and you attract new positive energy which comes in the form of people, situations, abundance and opportunities.    


My love for crystals grows day by day, as I feel their individual energies and are rewarded by their healing attributes.  I use my energy healing modalities including Reiki, Magnified Healing and Swords of Light to cleanse, program and energies of each crystal. Connecting them to the divine intelligence of LOVE, WISDOM and POWER and amplifying their individual healing qualities to benefit you, the custodian of these earthy gifts.


If you are drawn to a particular piece, I invite you to read the healing description, because YOU WILL ALWAYS BE ATTRACTED TO WHAT YOU NEED, that’s how energy works!


So raise your vibration with these heavenly pieces and allow MORE LOVE, MORE LIGHT, MORE GRACE & MORE GRATITUDE into your life.


Love and Blessings,



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