State of Grace Jewellery


Hello and welcome to my shop,


I’m glad you have joined me on my journey of love and light expressed through divine jewellery.


STATE of GRACE is Ascended Jewellery

Made in Earth & Activated by Source


It is a range of high vibrational pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that have been cleared, programmed and energised with the divine healing energy of Reiki and Magnified Healing.


I believed that jewellery should not only be elegant and beautiful, but it should also have a purpose, working hard to clear, cleanse, activate, connect and radiate all your chakras as well as uplifting your spirit.  Because when you are loved on the inside you positively radiate on the outside, allowing your light to shine bright.


All of my pieces are made with Sterling Silver, natural semi-precious gemstones and love.  I ask that you read the description of the stone you are attracted to and take a minute to reflect on how it resonates with you.


My hope that these divine pieces give you, the wearer as much joy and love as I have received in creating them.


May you live Heaven on Earth, each breath & each step


Asha    STATE of GRACE Jewellery




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