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'ARIA COLLECTION' Double Drop 14k Gold Filled Pendant


Image of 'ARIA COLLECTION' Double Drop 14k Gold Filled Pendant Image of 'ARIA COLLECTION' Double Drop 14k Gold Filled Pendant Image of 'ARIA COLLECTION' Double Drop 14k Gold Filled Pendant Image of 'ARIA COLLECTION' Double Drop 14k Gold Filled Pendant

Gorgeous Double Drop 14K Gold Filled over Sterling Silver Pendants.

'Aria' translates to 'Lioness' and 'Lion of God' in Hebrew and Aramaic and it is considered a divine holy name. These stunning double pendants will give you strength and vitality.

- SOLD Rainbow Moonstone with Blue Topaz $85 - 4cm length
- Golden Tourmaline Rutile Quartz with Citrine $85 - 4cm length

RAINBOW MOONSTONE - Healing Qualities
A dreamy white stone with billowy blue flashes of colour, Rainbow Moonstone is adored from every angle. Moonstone is a stone of inner strength and growth. It soothes emotional instability and stress, stabilising emotions and provides a calm tranquillity. Moonstone also enhances intuition, promotes creativity, inspiration success and good fortune in love and business matters. The stone of new beginnings, this gem is also the traveller’s stone, a staple in any collection. This crystal balances the 4th (Heart) chakra and it is known to be a Cancer, Libra and Scorpio birthstone.

BLUE TOPAZ - Healing Qualities
High lustre, vivid colour & that sparkle! Blue Topaz is known to soothe, recharge, heal, stimulate & redirect the energies of the body to where they're required the most. It's a stone that will enhance forgiveness and truth, and bring a lot of joy, abundance, generosity & good health. It's known as the gemstone of love, affection & good fortune. Wear this gemstone to attract true love & success.

Golden Rutilated Quartz like all types of quartz crystal are strong amplifiers & Rutile is also a strong amplifier. The sizzling power of the threads of rutile will bring through intense energy & combined with the quartz create an amazing vibration. This process stimulates your spiritual creativity & your ability to manifest what you desire in your life, through the power of intention. These stones are powerful amplifiers of your thoughts, allowing you to make contact with the Divine mind & receive Divine inspiration.

CITRINE - Healing Qualities
A gift from the universe to the earth. This is one of the most powerful crystals to have been discovered until this day. Citrine is also known as the abundance stone & it is believed to help people manifest dreams into reality. It will help you attract the opportunities & people you need in order to bring abundance into your life. This creature will also teach you how to use your creativity in order to create abundance. It stimulates mental clarity & raises self-esteem. Keep it in your wallet or cash register! Citrine stimulates the 3rd (Solar Plexus) chakra & it’s a Gemini, Aries, Libra & Leo birthstone.

These gorgeous pieces have been cleared, programmed and energised with Reiki healing energy, connecting them to source and amplifying their natural attributes to benefit the wearer.

They each come in a handmade felt pouch with a description of the gemstone healing qualities and Goddard's Anti-Tarnish cloth.