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FLOWER OF LIFE CHAKRA - Sacred Geometry Grid

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Image of FLOWER OF LIFE CHAKRA - Sacred Geometry Grid Image of FLOWER OF LIFE CHAKRA - Sacred Geometry Grid Image of FLOWER OF LIFE CHAKRA - Sacred Geometry Grid

This is a Flower of Life Chakra crystal grid, laser cut on to 6mm thick Birch wood.

Available sizes:
- Medium (10 inch/25cm diameter)
- Large (12 inch/30cm diameter)

The Flower of Life is the modern name given to a geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles that are arranged so that they form a flower-like pattern with a sixfold symmetry like a hexagon. The centre of each circle is on the circumference of six surrounding circles of the same diameter.
It is considered by some to be a symbol of sacred geometry, said to contain ancient, religious value depicting the fundamental forms of space & time. In this sense, it is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings, believed to contain a type of Akashic Record of basic information of all living things.

Chakra (Chakra, meaning "wheel, circle") is any centre of subtle body believed to be a psychic-energy centre in the esoteric traditions of Indian religions. The concept is found particularly in the tantric traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism & Jainism.

Sacred Geometry grids are designed to work with sets of crystal healing stones to assist in manifestation for a specific intention or purpose. Sets of crystals & stones are used for ritual magickal or spiritual crystal healing purposes or with Reiki-Seichim energy work for healing.

Reiki programmed and energised crystals are also available for crystal grid sets to work with a specific intention.