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HORMONE BALANCE BRACELET - Lepidolite - Chrysoprase - Peach Moonstone - Aquamarine - Copper


Image of HORMONE BALANCE BRACELET - Lepidolite - Chrysoprase - Peach Moonstone - Aquamarine - Copper Image of HORMONE BALANCE BRACELET - Lepidolite - Chrysoprase - Peach Moonstone - Aquamarine - Copper Image of HORMONE BALANCE BRACELET - Lepidolite - Chrysoprase - Peach Moonstone - Aquamarine - Copper Image of HORMONE BALANCE BRACELET - Lepidolite - Chrysoprase - Peach Moonstone - Aquamarine - Copper

I first made this beautiful bracelet as a special request to assist with menopause, but it's has such a calm soothing energy as well as the ability to balance hormones during all times of change, that it needs to be shared.

This bracelet combines the healing qualities of Lepidolite, Chrysoprase, Peach Moonstone, Aquamarine & Copper to release, stabilise, calm and detoxify.

3 options available
Option 1 - 6mm beads $25
Option 2 - 8mm beads $28
Option 3 - 10mm beads $31

Made with beautiful round beads on a stretch cord so they can easily be slipped on and off. The bracelets are 18cm in length and will suit a wrist circumference of 15cm to 16.5cm. Small and larger sizes are available on request.

LEPIDOLITE ~ Healing Qualities
One of the best mood stabilizers in the gemstone world, Lepidolite contains a high amount of lithium, which is also present in anti-anxiety medication. It doesn't require a prescription & side effects include a sense of calm & tranquillity during times of stress & chaos. Call on Lepidolite to balance your mind & spirit, especially when you need to cool off fiery emotions. This gentle healing stone stimulates all chakras, dissolving the energy blocks that are keeping you from true happiness. If you find yourself drawn to this gentle lavender stone, it could be a sign that you need a new approach to life. This stone will help you replace feelings of anger & resentment with patterns of positivity & openness, allowing for peace & tranquillity during times of transition.

CHRYSOPRASE ~ Healing Qualities
Chrysoprase is a delightful stone of the green ray. If Chrysoprase has found its way into your life, take it as a sign that you're in need of an emotional makeover. Known for manifesting optimism, joy & happiness, it brings through the vibration of Divine Truth, while helping to heal the heart of the energy of depression & anxiety. This stone is one of the best antidepressants in the world of crystal healing & if you are feeling the effects of negative emotions, Chrysoprase crystal properties are an effective prescription for encouraging a more positive outlook on life. By keeping this gemstone with you, you will remember to always look on the bright side, even during cloudy weather.

PEACH MOONSTONE ~ Healing Qualities
Moonstone is a stone of inner strength & growth. Peach Moonstone brings soothing relief to emotional issues, such as depression or anger. Its loving energy promotes the Divine in all situations & is an emotional support for intuitive or sensitive children. It is associated with the moon and is believed to be a woman's stone, worn for fertility & love. This stone soothes emotional instability & stress, stabilising emotions providing a calm tranquillity while also enhancing intuition, promotes creativity, inspiration success & good fortune in both love & business matters. Peach Moonstone represent the moon & the power of the divine feminine Goddess. This crystal balances the 4th (Heart) chakra.

AQUAMARINE ~ Healing Qualities
Aquamarine is famous for its oceanic shades of blues and greens. Known as the ‘stone of courage’, its calming energies balance emotions and brings psychological stability and clarity of mind. This crystal can relieve stress, eliminate hate, dispel fears and phobias, help one express themselves while also sharpening intuition and enabling clear vision. It will give you the strength to step up to life’s challenges. This crystal balances the 5th chakra (Throat).

COPPER 'THE HEALING METAL' ~ Healing Qualities
Copper is the conductor of the spiritualist’s belief system, conducting spiritual energy back & forth between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind & the spirit world. Copper carries the receptive energies of Grandmother Earth, teaching us to walk in balance with nature. As a conductor of energy, when used with earthly crystals Copper intensifies, enhances & channels their healing properties. It is also thought to assist the body with repairing tissues, oxygenating the blood, easing arthritis, strengthening the female reproductive system & increasing vitality.

These bracelets have been cleared, programmed and energised with Reiki and Magnified Healing energy, connecting them to source and amplifying their natural healing attributes to benefit the wearer.

Each bracelet comes in a small Kraft paper giftbox with a description of the healing qualities.