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THULITE Tumble Stone


Image of THULITE Tumble Stone Image of THULITE Tumble Stone Image of THULITE Tumble Stone Image of THULITE Tumble Stone

The Stone of Love ~ Compassion ~ Joy ~ Serenity

These stunning tumble stones radiate pure love. I recommend this stone to people who are struggling with trauma and are in need of some deep heart healing. While each piece is individual, their approx size is 3cm x 2cm x 2.5cm.

THULITE ~ Healing Qualities
Thulite is a stone that radiates love, compassion, happiness, joy and serenity. It’s subtle, yet soft energy permeates your aura, resonating directly with your heart. These pink rays of love will aid you as you journey into the depths of your soul. We can’t recommend this stone enough to anyone dealing with any sort of emotional pain, especially that of a broken heart. It immediately provides comfort and acts as a support stone for you to “lean” on. Envision this stone giving you an ethereal hug in which its energy will shield you from anymore unnecessary pain and trauma. Thulite pushes old emotional pain to the forefront, urging you to face these negative experiences once and for all. This stone will help to end non beneficial thought processes and provide you with endless amounts of healing vibrations. By facing and removing these “inner demons” from your heart, one will become stronger and allow a more pure form to shine through.

These pieces have been cleared, programmed and energised with Reiki and Magnified Healing energy, connecting them to Source and amplifying their natural healing attributes.